Sell Bitcoins Online and transfer the amount to your bank account

If you decided that it is the right time to sell Bitcoins and get out of the Bitcoin craze, we will guide you to make sure you are able to walk away with what you owned in return. Get in touch with us through our Bitcoins Customer Support Number Ireland +353-01443-3335 and get all your queries cleared.

Step 1: Setting up an Exchange Account

The easiest way to turn your Bitcoins into cash is through medium of Exchange Account which act as a middle man in the process. The steps of signing for the account is very easy and once the account is created, link your bank account to it.

Step 2: Transfer your Bitcoins to the Exchange wallet

Use your wallet’s transfer function to send your Bitcoins and wait for the confirmation once they arrive. The process may take some time which can be from couple of hours generally but it may take days during busier phase.

Step 3: Place a “Sell Order”

When both of the above-mentioned steps have completed, its finally to make a sale. Login to your Coinbase account and then place sell order to sell the bitcoins at current market rate.

Step 4: Transfer your fund to your linked bank account

Finally, it’s time to get your money off the exchange. Select Withdraw and choose bank wire. Make sure that the information provided is correct and then select withdraw to complete the transaction. If you find any difficulty during this process or have any query regarding selling Bitcoins, just contact us on our toll-free Bitcoins Helpline Number Ireland +353-01443-3335.